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Individuals with surname H.
INDINameBirthAnniversaryPlaceChildrenDeathAnniversaryAgePlaceLast Change
1I1617Hale, Samuel
Hale*, Samuel
span class="starredname">Hale 0   MYESYESR
2I1636Harris, Daniel
Harris*, Daniel
span class="starredname">Harris 1    MY100NR
3I1637Harris, Elizabeth
Harris*, Elizabeth
span class="starredname">Harris 0    FY100NL
4I1610Hadden, Chalista E. Chalista E. 0   FYESYES
5I1611Hadden, Gilbert Gilbert9 October 1793221New York 223 January 186914675Putnam Valley  MYESYES
6I1612Hadden, Mary Jane Mary Jane26 September 1828186 117 October 190311175  FYESYES
7I1613Hadden, Sarah Sarah 0   FYESYESR
8I1614Haiden, Agnes Agnesabout 1591424 3    FYESYESR
9I1615Haines, Mathias Mathias 0   MYESYESR
10I1616Hale, Edna Edna 0   FYESYESR
11I1620Hall?, Florence Florence 18 November 1571443   FYESYES
12I1621Hall?, William William 11515500 Debden  MYESYESR
13I1618Hall, Benjamin F. Benjamin F. 0   MYESYESR
14I1619Hall, Mehitable Mehitable15 August 1691323 0177224380  FYESYESR
15I1622Halles, Thomas Thomas 0    MY100NR
16I1623Hamlin, Sarah Sarah 0   FYESYESR
17I1624Hanson, William William 0   MYESYESR
18I1630Harden?, *Samuel *Samuel 1   MYESYESR
19I1625Harden, *Capt. John *Capt. John 1   MYESYESR
20I1626Harden, *Elizabeth *Elizabethabout 1730285Abington 130 July 180021470Cummington  FYESYES
21I1627Harden, *Jane *Jane19 November 1709305Abington 1    FYESYES
22I1628Harden, John John 1    MY100NR
23I1629Harden, Sarah Sarah 0    FY100NL
24I1631Harding, Isabella Isabella 1   FYESYESR
25I1632Harmon, Martha Elizabeth Martha Elizabeth 6   FYESYESR
26I1633Harper, Elizabeth Elizabeth 1   FYESYESR
27I1634Harris, Capt. Giles Capt. Giles 0   MYESYESR
28I1635Harris, Capt. William Capt. William 0   MYESYESR
29I1638Hartford, Nicholas Nicholas 0    MY100NR
30I1639Harwood, Lydia Lydia 0    FY100NR
31I1645Haskell (2), William William8 November 1618396Charlton-Musgrove 120 August 169332174Gloucester  MYESYES
32I1640Haskell, *Hannah *Hannah26 October 1720294Gloucester 126 July 175326132Windham  FYESYES
33I1641Haskell, *Thomas *Thomas1 January 1689/90 (11 January 1690)325Gloucester 210 February 178522995Portland  MYESYES
34I1642Haskell, Benjamin Benjaminabout 1648367Beverly 1before 25 May 174127393Gloucester  MYESYES
35I1643Haskell, Hannah Hannah26 October 1720294Gloucester 626 July 175326132Windham  FYESYES
36I1644Haskell, William William1584431Wincanton 111 May 163038446Charlton-Musgrove  MYESYESR
37I1646Hatfield, Agnes Agnes 1    FY100N
38I1647Hatfield, Thomas Thomas 1    MY100NR
39I1648Hawkins, Frances Merritt Frances MerrittDecember 1831183New York 029 April 19199587  FYESY100R
40I1650Hawks?, John John 1   MYESYESR
41I1651Hawks?, Sarah Sarah29 September 1657357Windsor 115 September 175126393Deerfield  FYESYES
42I1649Hawks, Mary Maryabout 1728287 024 August 175725729  FYESYESR
43I1652Hawthorne, *? *? 0   MYESYESR
44I1653Haynes, Isabella Isabella 1   FYESYESR
45I1654Heckman, Mary Irene Mary Irene1815200 0189112476  FYESYESR
46I1655Hersey, *Sarah *Sarah26 September 1692322Hingham 1between 1731 and 173228438Abington  FYESYES
47I1656Hersey, *William *William1657358 1    MYESYESR
48I1657Hess, Minnie W. Minnie W. 0   FYESYESR
49I1658Hettinger, *Andrew Martin *Andrew MartinFremont 0   MYESYESR
50I1659Hieronymus, Catharina Charlotte Catharina Charlotte3 December 1797217Langenholzhausen 711 January 184616948Langenholzhausen  FYESYES
51I1660Hieronymus, Simon Henrich Simon Henrichbefore 29 August 1769245 1    MYESYESR
52I1661Higgins, *Alice *Alice 120 April 1680334   FYESYESR
53I1662Hildreth, Abigail Abigail 5   FYESYESR
54I1663Hill, John John 0   MYESYESR
55I1664Hill, Margery Margery1610405Great Barstead 228 April 169032480Wallingford  FYESYES
56I1665Hills, George George20 November 1578436Great Barstead 1    MYESYESR
57I1666Hills, Miss. Howard W. Miss. Howard W. 0   FYESYESR
58I1667Hinson, *William *William 0before 3 June 1592422 Fordham  MYESYESR
59I1668Hobbs, *Vitturia Alice *Vitturia Alice27 April 1856158Pike County 126 September 191210256Topeka  FYESYESR
60I1669Hobbs, Esther Esther 1   FYESYESR
61I1670Hobbs, Sarah Sarahbetween 1645 and 1647370Hampton 1after 25 May 171430069Hampton  FYESYESR
62I1671Hoffman, *Mary C. *Mary C. 012 August 1884130   FYESYESR
63I1672Holcomb, *Lula B. *Lula B. 0   FYESYESR
64I1673Holden, Narraly Narraly 0   FYESYESR
65I1674Hollenback, *Bertha Estella *Bertha Estella15 March 1877137Woodford County 0    FYESYES
66I1675Hollenback, *Carl E. *Carl E.6 January 1880135Woodford County 2    MYESYES
67I1676Hollenback, *Charles Murray *Charles Murray22 May 191698Spokane 022 May 1916980Spokane  MY100Y100
68I1677Hollenback, *Daisy Adeline *Daisy Adeline2 February 1888126Gage County 4    FYESYES
69I1678Hollenback, *Daniel *Danielabout 1796219 213 January 186814772  MYESYES
70I1679Hollenback, *Elizabeth Emeline *Elizabeth Emeline1 October 191797Spokane 0    FY100YES
71I1680Hollenback, *Ellen Jane *Ellen Jane15 June 1867147Woodford County 3    FYESYES
72I1681Hollenback, *Elsie E. *Elsie E.6 November 1876138Woodford County 027 February 18771370Woodford County  FYESYES
73I1682Hollenback, *Frank Robert *Frank Robert26 February 1911103Denver 023 November 19724261Denver  MYESY100
74I1683Hollenback, *Frank Rufus *Frank Rufus16 February 1871143Minonk 17 April 19427271Denver  MYESY100
75I1684Hollenback, *Fred Melvin *Fred Melvin21 March 1885129Odell 5    MYESYES
76I1685Hollenback, *George *George31 December 1819195Perry County 2about 190311283  MYESYES
77I1686Hollenback, *George T. *George T.28 August 1878136Linn 022 December 188912511Paddock Township  MYESYES
78I1687Hollenback, *Jacob *Jacobabout 1771244 1about 184117470Perry County  MYESYESR
79I1688Hollenback, *Lillian Pearl *Lillian Pearl18 April 1892122Gage County 1    FYESYES
80I1689Hollenback, *Mark Woodrow *Mark Woodrow4 August 1913101Washington County 0    MYESYES
81I1690Hollenback, *May Marie *May Marie26 November 1911103Washington County 0    FYESYES
82I1691Hollenback, *Melvin Carl *Melvin Carl16 October 1910104Washington County 0    MYESYES
83I1692Hollenback, *Nathan P. *Nathan P.1852163Woodford County 825 February 19288676Elk City  MYESY100
84I1693Hollenback, *Orville Richard *Orville Richard28 August 1914100Washington County 0    MYESYES
85I1694Hollenback, *Paul Nathan *Paul Nathan18 August 1898116Gage County 0    MYESYES
86I1695Hollenback, *Sophia T. *Sophia T.30 October 1830184Perry County 79 November 190710777  FYESYES
87I1696Hollenback, *Thomas William *Thomas William19 August 191698Cheyenne County 0    MY100YES
88I1697Hollenback, *Walter L. *Walter L.10 April 1883131Woodford County 01 February 18871273Gage County  MYESYES
89I1698Hollenback, *William Albert *William Albert1 April 1845169Pattonsburg 37 November 19199574Blue Springs  MYESY100
90I1699Holt, Joseph Joseph 1   MYESYESR
91I1700Holt, Mary Mary 1   FYESYES
92I1701Hopkins, *Walter B. *Walter B. 1   MYESYESR
93I1702Hopkins, *Walter Leland *Walter Leland26 January 1890124Marysville 0    MYESYES
94I1703Hopper, Effie Effie 0   FYESYESR
95I1704Hopson, Phoebe J. Phoebe J. 0   FYESYESR
96I1705Hornby, Eleanor Eleanor 0   FYESYESR
97I1706Horton, John John 1    MY100NR
98I1707Horton, Sarah Francis Sarah Francis 0   FYESYES
99I1708Hosterman, Harriette Harriette 0   FYESYESR
100I1709Howard, Anna Anna 0   FYESYESR
101I1710Howell, Henry Henry 0   MYESYESR
102I1711Hubschmid, *Elisabetha *Elisabethaabout 1800215Switzerland 1    FYESYESR
103I1712Hulbert, Thomas Thomas 0   MYESYES
104I1713Hulbert Sgt., John John 1   MYESYESR
105I1717Hull (2), Jeremiah Jeremiah2 June 1663351New Haven 111 December 169132328  MYESYES
106I1721Hull? (2), Richard Richard 1   MYESYESR
107I1714Hull, *Easter *Easter 1   FYESYESR
108I1718Hull?, Joanna Joanna1620395Northleigh 1after 168333263  FYESYES
109I1719Hull?, Joseph Josephbefore 24 April 1596418Crewkerne 119 November 166534969Isles of Shoals  MYESYES
110I1720Hull?, Richard Richard1515500Crewkerne 1June 155945544Crewkerne  MYESYESR
111I1722Hull?, Thomas Thomas1547468Crewkerne 1December 163637889Crewkerne  MYESYES
112I1715Hull, Elizabeth Elizabeth23 December 1688326Deerfield 121 September 175426065Deerfield  FYESYES
113I1716Hull, Jeremiah Jeremiah 1   MYESYES
114I1723Humphreville, Lamira Lamira25 February 1760254New Haven 825 January 182618965Preston  FYESYESR
115I1725Hunnewell (2), *Roger *Rogerabout 1676339 213 June 172029444Scarborough  MYESYES
116I1732Hunnewell (2), John Johnbefore 1680335 0    MYESYES
117I1734Hunnewell (2), Patience Patience27 April 1751263 0about 178722835  FYESYES
118I1736Hunnewell (4), Roger Roger22 November 1740274Falmouth 012 November 17472676  MYESYES
119I1724Hunnewell, *Mary *Mary8 March 1743/44 (19 March 1744)270Falmouth 1314 September 180421060Gorham  FYESYES
120I1726Hunnewell, *Zerubbabel *Zerubbabel15 April 1716298Scarborough 123 August 180321187Windham  MYESYES
121I1727Hunnewell, Elijah Elijah27 December 1747267Windham 019 March 181519967Windham  MYESYES
122I1728Hunnewell, Elizabeth Elizabeth 0   FYESYES
123I1729Hunnewell, Eunice Eunice20 July 1753261 01 January 17582574  FYESYES
124I1730Hunnewell, Hannah HannahNovember 1749265Windham 019 September 179022440Gorham  FYESYES
125I1731Hunnewell, John John 0    MY100NL
126I1733Hunnewell, Patience Patience 0   FYESYES
127I1735Hunnewell, Roger Roger 2   MYESYESR
128I1737Hunnewell, Susannah Susannah11 March 1755259 09 September 178722732  FYESYES
129I1738Hunnewell, William William17 January 1745/46 (28 January 1746)268Windham 022 July 17552599  MYESYES
130I1739Hunnewell, Zerubbabel Zerubbabel15 April 1716298Scarborough 723 August 180321187Windham  MYESYES
131I1740Hunnewell Lieut., Richard Richardabout 1645370England? 46 October 170331158Black Point  MYESYES
132I1741Hunt, *Deborah *Deborah 1   FYESYES
133I1742Hunt, *John *John 1   MYESYESR
134I1743Huston, *Mary *MaryIreland 7   FYESYES
135I1744Huston, *William *William 1   MYESYESR
136I1745Huston, Simon Simon 0   MYESYESR
137I1746Hutchins, (unknown)
Hutchins, ?
(unknown) 1   FYESYESR
138I1747Hutchins, Asahel Asahel 0    MY100NR
139I1752Hyde (2), Jonathan Jonathan1 April 1655359Cambridge 1before 8 November 172628871Canterbury  MYESYES
140I1748Hyde, *Abraham *Abraham2 October 1713301Canterbury 1    MYESYES
141I1749Hyde, *Sarah *Sarah31 May 1752262Canterbury 1    FYESYES
142I1750Hyde, James James20 April 1683331Cambridge 1    MYESYES
143I1751Hyde, Jonathan Jonathanabout 1626389England 15 October 171130385Newton  MYESYESR
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