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Individuals with surname R.
INDINameBirthAnniversaryPlaceChildrenDeathAnniversaryAgePlaceLast Change
1I2216Russell, Philip
Russell*, Philip
span class="starredname">Russell 0   MYESYESR
2I2155Ramney, Moses Moses 0    MY100NR
3I2156Ramsay, *Neil *Neil3 March 1900114Indiana 1    MYESYESR
4I2157Randall, Abigail Abigail 0   FYESYESR
5I2158Raymond, (unknown)
Raymond, ?
(unknown) 0   MYESYESR
6I2159Reade, *William *William1605410 1    MYESYESR
7I2164Reed (2), *Jacob *Jacob7 July 1720294Abington 111 October 180620886Easton  MYESYES
8I2167Reed (2), *Mercy *Mercy31 August 1742272Abington 128 March 180820665Cummington  FYESYES
9I2173Reed (2), *William *William24 May 1682332Weymouth 33 June 175326171Abington  MYESYES
10I2160Reed, *Alice *Alice19 April 1725289Abington 014 August 177523950Abington  FYESYES
11I2161Reed, *Daniel *Daniel6 December 1713301Abington 15 April 178123367Cummington  MYESYES
12I2162Reed, *Hannah *Hannah 1   FYESYESR
13I2163Reed, *Jacob *Jacob6 November 1691323Weymouth 1after 28 October 176524973Abington  MYESYES
14I2165Reed, *James *James3 March 1716298Abington 124 July 176225246Abington  MYESYES
15I2166Reed, *Mercy *Mercyabout 1678337Weymouth 14 February 1737/38 (15 February 1738)27660Abington  FYESYES
16I2168Reed, *Molly *Molly22 November 1766248Abington 1110 August 183817671Cummington  FYESYES
17I2169Reed, *Noah *Noah10 December 1754260Abington 119 January 183218377Cummington  MYESYES
18I2170Reed, *Orpha *Orpha31 December 1805209Cummington 921 June 187513969Monticello  FYESYES
19I2171Reed, *Solomon *Solomon25 October 1743271Abington 1about 177524031Abington  MYESYES
20I2172Reed, *William *William15 December 1639375Weymouth 3about 170630966Weymouth  MYESYES
21I2174Reed, Agnes Agnes1616399 14 December 166734751Weymouth  FYESYES
22I2175Reed, Mary Mary 016 March 1723291 Boston  FYESYESR
23I2176Reed, William William 1   MYESYESR
24I2177Rhodes, *Martha *Martha 1about 1789226   FYESYESR
25I2178Rice, *Abigail *Abigail28 March 1765249Charlemont 19 October 183717772Cummington  FYESYES
26I2179Rice, *May E. *May E. 0   FYESYESR
27I2180Rice, *Moses *Moses27 October 1694320Sudbury 111 June 175525960Charlemont  MYESYES
28I2181Rice, *Sylvanus *Sylvanus6 January 1728/29 (17 January 1729)286Worcester 16 March 181919590Charlemont  MYESYES
29I2182Rice, Edmund Edmund1594421England 13 May 166335169Sudbury  MYESYESR
30I2183Rice, Edward Edward1619396 115 August 171230293Marlborough  MYESYES
31I2184Rice, John John20 December 1651363Sudbury 16 September 171929567  MYESYES
32I2185Ridderbusch, Anna Dorothea Anna Dorothea1773242Almena 1    FYESYESR
33I2186Riggs, Mary Mary6 March 1659355Gloucester 129 January 169831738Gloucester  FYESYES
34I2187Riggs, Thomas Thomas 1   MYESYESR
35I2188Riley, Jonathan Jonathan 0   MYESYESR
36I2189Rinderknecht, *Adelheid *Adelheid21 November 1822192Hedingen 48 April 188313160Chicago  FYESYES
37I2190Rinderknecht, *Matthias *Matthiasabout 1800215Jetingen 1    MYESYESR
38I2191Ring, Mary Maryabout 1534481Of Witney 1    FYESYESR
39I2192Rising, Josiah Josiah2 February 1694320 0    MYESYESR
40I2193Roadman, *Velma Patience *Velma Patience20 July 1879135Grundy County 2    FYESYESR
41I2194Roberts, Axwell Axwell 0   MYESYESR
42I2195Robie, Theodate Theodate5 December 1691323Hampton 212 April 178323191Hampton  FYESYESR
43I2202Rogers (2), *William *Williamabout 1540475Watford 1August 158542945Watford  MYESYES
44I2196Rogers, *John *John3 April 1642372Duxbury 1between 1713 and 171430270Eastham  MYESYES
45I2197Rogers, *Joseph *Josephbefore 23 January 1602/03 (2 February 1603)411Watford 1January 1677/78 (January 1678)33774Eastham  MYESYES
46I2198Rogers, *Nathaniel *Nathaniel3 October 1693321Eastham 1after 25 June 174327149  MYESYES
47I2199Rogers, *Ruth *Ruth31 July 1725289Eastham 127 August 180820683Norwich  FYESYES
48I2200Rogers, *Thomas *Thomasabout 1571444Watford 1between 1620 and 162139549Plymouth Colony  MYESYES
49I2201Rogers, *William *Williamabout 1510505England 1about May 155346143Watford  MYESYESR
50I2203Rolfe?, *Hannah *Hannahbefore 1695320 3before 174127446  FYESYESR
51I2204Ross, Mary Marybefore 1725290Ireland 0179322268Ipswich  FYESYESR
52I2205Roth, *Jennie Louise *Jennie Louise23 September 1889125Cherry County 5    FYESYESR
53I2206Royce, Benjamin Benjamin26 June 1724290 0    MYESYES
54I2207Royce, Joseph Joseph 1   MYESYESR
55I2208Royce, Thomas Thomas13 August 1692322 1    MYESYES
56I2209Rudd, Joan Joan1511504Irchester 1    FYESYES
57I2210Rudd, Thomas Thomasabout 1487528 1    MYESYESR
58I2211Ruggles, *George *George 0   MYESYESR
59I2212Rush, Gilbert Gilbert 0   MYESYESR
60I2213Russell, *Anne *Anne 1   FYESYES
61I2214Russell, *Thomas *Thomas 1    MY100NR
62I2215Russell, John Sr. John Sr. 0   MYESYESR
Given Names
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