Elizabeth Hunnewell  (I1728)
Elizabeth Hunnewell

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see document "Hunnewell - The Descendants of Roger 2"

3. Elizabeth3: m. by ab. 1700 Capt. Benjamin Hammond of Rochester,
Mass., where he d. Mar. 29, 1747. In 1730/1, as "Elisabeth Hammond of
Rochester, Daughter of Cpt. Richard Honywell Decd." she petitioned
the General Court. "Praying in consideration of her Father's great
services again the Indians & sufferings from them that a Grant may be
made to her of some of the unappropriated Lands of the Province". It
was ordered that 100 acres be granted to her. (Mass. Province Laws,
vol. 11). (See the Sinnott and Hammond, (by R. Hammond, 1894)
genealogies for further details)
Children (Hammond), probably b. Rochester, Mass.
1. Polypus4, b. Nov. 29, 1702: m. (1) Sarah Mumford; m. (2)
Bathsheba Randall.
2. Josephus4, b. May 6, 1703, (1713, Vital Records) : m. (1)
Thankful Winslow: m. (2) Mary Bourne.
3. Antipas4, b. July 16, 1704: m. Abigail Swift.
4. Barzillai4, b. Mar. 9, 1706; m. (1) Mary Barlow; m. (2) Anna
Tobey; m. (3) Sarah Doty.
5 Israel4, b. Oct. 15, 1707; m. Elizabeth Wilbur.
6. Mary4, b. Sept. 25, 1709; m. Rev. Elisha Tupper.
7. Elisha4.
8. Roger4, b. 722; m. Charity Hammond.

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8 years

Marriage: before 3 March 1674 --
4 years